Peer Services

Peer Services

What are Peer Services?

Living with a mental health problem or recovering from substance abuse can be a long journey that requires you to be strong.  You can help your chances for recovery by having support and not being alone.  If you or if your child needs help, talking with someone who knows what you are going through can help.  Peers have completed peer recovery specialist training and are trained to share with you how they were successful, one step at time, to help complete your journey to recovery.  Peer support can help you build a circle of support you can count on.
There are two types of Peer Services:

  • Peer Support Service is for adults with mental health and/or substance use issues. Peers will support you as you find your path to recovery, help you understand what to focus on and how to work with your health care providers to be successful.  This service can help you to live a healthier life in your community.
  • Family Support Partners is for caregivers of children with mental health and/or substance use issues. Peers have had real life experiences parenting a child with mental health and/or substance use issues and have completed peer recovery specialist training. Parents can get help from someone who understands your issues and knows how to get the help and provide support. They can help find resources to support your child and your family.  

Can I get Peer Support Services?

Ask your provider if they offer Peer Support or Family Support Partner Services. You can also learn more about how peer providers can help with substance use disorders by calling your Managed Care Organization at 1.855.323.5588.
You can learn more about peer providers who help with mental health issues by calling Magellan at 1-800-424-4046.