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We seek to provide high-quality, cost-effective options for your INTotal Health patients. We work with you to make sure we cover the most important and useful drugs for all types of conditions and diseases. Our pharmaceutical benefit management program provides coverage for medically necessary medications from licensed prescribers for the purpose of saving lives in emergency situations or during short-term illness, sustaining life in chronic or long-term illness, or limiting the need for hospitalization.


INTotal Health Participating Pharmacy Network Members have access to most national pharmacy chains and many independent retail pharmacies. We contract with a pharmaceutical benefit manager (PBM) to establish and manage a network of participating pharmacies and to adjudicate the INTotal Health pharmaceutical coverage rules. All members must use a network pharmacy when filling prescriptions in order for benefits to be covered.


Pharmacy co-payments

There are no pharmacy co-payments or deductibles for INTotal Health members with Medicaid coverage. For information about pharmacy co-payments for INTotal Health members with FAMIS coverage, please see the section in your Provider Manual titled “Cost-sharing Information.”

Participating Pharmacies

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Request Electronic Refills/Formulary Exception

Through CVS/Caremark, you are able to get prescription refill reminders and order status updates sent directly to you. Sign up and choose how you want CVS/Caremark to let you know when your refill is ready. They will let you know through emails, text messages, or phone calls, your choice! Just click the link below to register to receive electronic refills.
CVS/Caremark Refill Reminders

Personal Health Records

INTotal Health wants members to be as healthy as possible. Your health is very important to us. One of the ways you can track your health is through a free, personal health record. A personal health record helps you to securely gather, store, manage and share your own and your family’s health information. INTotal Health encourages members to use an online personal health record to help you track your health. To register for free, click the link below:

Personal Health Record

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